In the process of mane control – using scissors *gasp* basically because Ollie has a lovely thickness to his mane and it doesn’t need thinning out. So basically grabbed super sharp scissors and chop upwards on 45 deg angle, comb mane over both sides of the next and repeat x 10. This giraffe is a super little guy but standing still for ages gets boring,Β  so over the course of the week we’ll get it done (and perfect!).

If you have a mane that needs just a little bit of thinning I’d fully suggest using a pair of rubber gloves and just combing fingers through the mane – works especially well if they don’t enjoy pulling.

So looking forward to it being Spring and warm, had our first rose appear – when we get a chance many more will have to be planted! Albury is absolutely stunning in the Spring time with roses everywhere.

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