Our favourite little Giraffe Ollie (he has earned the term because he has a really long front as is forever trying to be as tall as everyone else!) is now 2 and playing around in the long reins and learning the basics.

Shoutout to a really awesome business called A Bit Less. Totally not affiliated – just I think it’s a terrific idea, they have a range of 2nd but seemingly new range of bits. Awesome as I didn’t know what size Ollie would be and wanted to try a couple of mouthpieces without spending a ridiculous sum on tiny size bits. As it was he’s ended up with a Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bradoon 10.5cm (4 1/8″).

Please ignore the bridle with straps everywhere, currently suffering the pain of a cheap leather bridle that no matter how much one oils and conditions the leather is horrid! I’ve left all the straps out of the keepers adjusts can be made without clonking the bit against his teeth. As the little guy is growing so much best to wait a little longer for a custom one.


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  1. After 2 RP’s I found rug rack cottons great as they fit the shoulders well, even the hunter and the mini craft doona as the velcro front allows for adjusting. Although my 2 quickly found a love for the sound of velcro sound so I put an older thick cotton over it. 👍🏻

    1. Thanks yes love Rugrack rugs 🙂 We have lots of their woolens! I was really lucky to score a couple of Rafferty’s cottons when they had a sale at GNs…just wish I’d bought some little ones lol no idea I would be getting a pony.

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