New boots – Cavallo Primus Pro

Firstly, yes slight redesign and update. I had this logo designed late last year for me, I absolutely love it!

Super excited to unbox a pair of the Cavallo Primus Pro today. Thankyou past self for ordering these at Canberra Royal!

I prefer to order through Wagners, as then I know with Caroline measuring they will fit perfectly.  I am of course a fan of the Cognac colour, once they darker a little (as all good brown leathers do with time!) they will be superb.

Gunning Royal

I made myself useful by plaiting a tail before we left, it was also good to get some practice in before I do E’s later this week. Or at least plait at royal standard.

Gunning show ground isn’t that far off the federal highway and in between was a huge paddock with some very friendly horses. (Encore had friends!)!
We has definitely brought the rain with us as the show ground and surrounds looked very wet.

I usually don’t work E beforehand but seeing as how he had a big trip the day before I tacked him up in the lunge gear and we had a wander around for a while. The show turned out to be running quite slowly or at least a long wait as lots of other classes were on. Also a dilemma as the tones ambulance was called to an accident so everyone was off their horses until it was back. Fair enough because the sporting was fast and furious. I took a video of which I will upload later but I have never seen anything like it!

Our ridden Arabian derivative came up first and he worked perfectly and won it. In the Champion workout one of the flag races started which majorly startled Encore (5th spook in his life!). The judges called out for us to stop as she thought it was very unfair and didn’t want to give him a fright (her words). That was quite lovely of her as he isn’t one to behave like that and so she allowed him to run through his workout again which was foot perfect. The other horse worked very nicely and didn’t have any races mid workout but it was nice of the rider to be understanding enough of the situation that she didn’t seem annoyed. So he went Ch & Supreme Ridden Arab Deriv.

Another long wait I thought what the heck I will do my rider class. Actually turned out to be lots of people in it and the judge worked out about 12 people! E nailed the Champion workout for me which includes a sitting extension and extended canter…nothing terribly hard but he let me look pretty. Amusing thing was my phone rang mid workout (and not on silent!) so we had a nice bit if hunting themed music to ride to!

As we started the Galloway classes it absolutely pelted down, reins became hard to hold and my boots filled with water. The judge very kindly combined a lot of classes and judged then on the circle in an effort to run through things. Encore worked flawlessly considering the conditions and scored himself another tri colour. Some very nice horses in the class however I think being from the North Coast we are used to riding in torrential rain!

Seeing as how we were already soaked we stayed for the Ansa classes. I rode not very nicely as I was bloody frozen but Encore kept things together for me. He scored a new ANSA saddlecloth for his efforts.

Last was Supreme hack, days like this he is such a angel of a horse and it was pouring with rain harder than before. Horse land voucher in the bag! Woohoo!

I dropped the ramp and put him on the float saddle, ribbon and all and untacked him in there. I have never been so wet & cold, if if known it was going to rain like that I think we would have just left!

We were both surely grateful for hot showers & warm clothes!!! A good last show before the royal though.


7 weeks and counting

7 weeks and counting

Whilst I generally like to keep my *ponies in good condition  I feel you cannot keep a horse at its peak 24/7. They always need a spell mentally and physically at the end of the season I tend to give them a holiday of about 4 weeks. Mainly as it for the past few years as coincided with Uni/Post grad exams.

With some luck I may have finished studies, so hopefully we can make use of the winter break -. I don’t know what it is but we seem to be slightly cursed with something fairly bad happening to one whilst on their break. Anyway so holidays now = winter…end of season this year, they can stay in light work but trail ride and beach.

Work started Mid Dec – I like to use these off season periods to train something new, that may cause a few issues if I was to teach when we are showing every weekend. Last year E learnt flying changes, picked them up rather quickly. Though I should have started a little earlier as we were still a bit keen to show them at every opportunity. Like Here. Nice one E…should have smiled and gone with it…but I’d prefer to contain the self-expression.

Fast forward nearly a year and tempi changes are happening. E is one of those “I want to dance” types and finds them fairly easy,  being on board I have to work on sitting up, counting correctly (naturally I get a bit hung up of this) and not interfering. I appreciate dearly of both J & E that I can teach them something, then they “schoolmaster it” back to me.

This summer we have been a little confused about lateral work to a certain direction and lacking forward, 2 weeks in and we have *got* it. Now just a matter of suppleness and flexion. Both working with that and shortening/collecting the trot and canter to later prepare for higher level work.

Riding early this morning the aim was along with the above, to work on being a little more responsive to the aids, both upwards and downwards. This evenings ride I went sans spurs, need to use legs a bit more and rode mainly long and low doing basic lateral work and practice walking. If your time poor I find a collected walk without anticipation is one of those hard things, we finish work and head goes straight down to stretch. So lots of practice collected walking now, just a matter of making the time for it.

So yes I rode my pony twice!! Canberra is coming up in about 7 wks and we need a decent amount of fitness. Compared to last year when E kept falling asleep again the stable door, which need to be pushed in, to open….he effectively locked himself in….wishful thinking to prevent that! LOL!

So above you have work wise to prepare for big show. Next post will be all the other things 🙂

I saw these gorgeous photos on Supreme Products Facebook even Olympic gold medalists do shiny faces and quartermarks.


Yep, she is my idol….though that was confirmed before she was famous, the picture of  Ardenhall Royal Secret has been a favourite of mine for years! I came across the mare when looking for pics of E’s relatives. For those not into the riding ponies, she is now owned by Whitemere stud and progeny include a number of highly succesful LJS/Kolbeach/Whitmere


*Well really horses yes, but seeminly as galloways and one being RPSBs and the other just scraping into pony dressage height they make good ponies 😉

A talent of sorts…

I have certainly purchased my fair share of bell boots thanks to E. He has a wonderful knack of removing his shoes – most often doing a big trot across the diagonal and about 3 strides in. That and prevention of over reach injuries.

I must say this unfortunate talent of allowing me to market test various brands of bell boots is not down to our farrier. E has big movement, huge movement when really asked…those hind legs just seem to come right through. Off course the talent extends to removing them whilst lying down, getting up, eating, being washed and most recently being trimmed. You see he lives in bell boots, I really only remove them once we are in the ring – even then I’ve ridden a fair few classes at muddy shows with them on!

Boring Boots

HBT5930L%20WHBeing frank – these are the ones I think anyone by choice would use for muddy days but certainly not the prettiest or even the best value. I have found the Gum coloured pull on style fairly easy to use, soak in hot water and on they go, last a fair decent time however they are pretty unfashionable and not the easiest to remove for hoof oiling etc. Don’t even both with the coloured pull on ones…must be something in the rubber compound but they are more “excessive force to get on”.

As for fleece lined rubber ones the white rubber seems to last much longer, we used a pair through a wet rainy winter…easy to hose off and dry. Purchased a black pair in early Nov, split up the side and now heading for the bin (or some inventive cloth taping?).

The straight neoprene ones I dont like using primarily as they dont wash and dry easily. I only ever use in conjunction with bandaging legs up when float, means the pads can go higher up the legs for protection.

Professionals Choice

 They say these boots have a life time warranty for fair use. I believe my 24/7 usage would wander outside this but all the same they are a very well made product.imagesCAI7PBJA

My first pair are 2 years old and still going strong. The ballistic layer came off about a month into ownership, a air bubble formed between that and the underneath making the pattern not visible. I helped it off, I like pretty coloured boots. They have frayed a bit at the back as well and now retain a slightly odd shape, initially they rubbed a bit on the sides from the top lining but over time moulded to the leg. The right top velcro strap has fallen victim to a few times and it has been stitched back on. Onto a 2nd pair (purchased 2nd hand yay!) and the right velcro is also a casualty. I suspect that’s our on special issue and not the boots fault.

Right boot velcro aside, they are serious boots for serious work horses and my daily choice. I don’t use them in wet conditions as they are to heavy, mud sticks and you certainly dont get much air up under them.

I’ve never felt the need to purchase any of the other US brands, though they do have some fairly funky designs! I have found Black Yak to be the cheapest/quickest…beats any Australian saddlery price!

Dressage Queen Styles

HKM – I purchased these a while back, although not worn 24/7 instead for rides the sheepskin wore out very quickly and detached itself from boot.

Eskadron…the ultimate of bell boots. I find they cannot be worn 24/7 they heat the hoof up and dont allow much air around the coronet band. The fleece ones are a must for dressage queen styling, you simply cannot claim your tiara without these on. Im looking forward to ordering a pair in brown! And patent ones…always one for shiny, perhaps they will stay cleaner as well.

I have not purchased the Calevo brand boots as I’d rather spend a few more $ and have the name brand. It’s totally about the look ;-). That said Calevo and Furfeathermeds are the *best* supppliers of reasonable priced accesories…I have not yet found a Australia supplier who is cheaper.1190615g

As for loosing shoes, I looked into those things that clip on the back of the shoe, you cannot ride in them so I didn’t make the purchase.

Foam and vetwrap works reasonably well for my shoe keeping on purposes – I usually do this the night before a big trip or the week before a big show.  It however looks very odd and people think your riding some terribly abscessed horse.

I have not included full sheepskin (bell) boots on purpose…these boots deserve a whole post…seeing as how they have a fair chunk of my tack space. 😉