Huge yay because it’s feeling like Spring is on the way! The weather is getting warmer and it’s actually enjoyable to be outside (in the sun!!). A couple of days of being able to ride consecutively is always super. E’s entered for Melbourne, this year it seems a bit hectic as all our classes at Saturday/Sun – not sure if we’ll do GO. I did wakeup last night and think wait we are “bumping in” when High tea is on…๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyway we’ll see about that!!

There is plenty of country ag shows on and we are keen to explore the area a bit more whilst getting some performances in. E is entered for NSW HOTY in October, there’s a couple of Vic shows shortly following it & after that it will be fingers crossed because Grace is due to foal.








Not entirely sure if we’ll do Garryowen but I’ve pulled out the gear and working out what needs doing. Aka any takers for boot polishing?? Started breaking in our 2nd turnout bridle, I ended up having a spare but since learnt it’s kind of a good idea in case it rains etc. between Garryowen/Esquire that or if something breaks. Yes I’m weird riding with 2 reins on the snaffle – need to have bridle broken in with double bits on, I tend to drop the curb rein when riding…so ensuring both are equal ๐Ÿ™‚

My bestest ever tip and without a doubt most useful thing I’ve learnt this year is dispense with all forms of saddle and tack cleaner and use basic soap and hot water. Thanks to one very knowledged up horseman for that. If you’ve seen my saddles in pics the last few months, you’ll notice the difference – has totally removed all the built up grime that gets caught under your leg etc.


Dapples…just because โค

In the process of mane control – using scissors *gasp* basically because Ollie has a lovely thickness to his mane and it doesn’t need thinning out. So basically grabbed super sharp scissors and chop upwards on 45 deg angle, comb mane over both sides of the next and repeat x 10. This giraffe is a super little guy but standing still for ages gets boring,ย  so over the course of the week we’ll get it done (and perfect!).

If you have a mane that needs just a little bit of thinning I’d fully suggest using a pair of rubber gloves and just combing fingers through the mane – works especially well if they don’t enjoy pulling.

So looking forward to it being Spring and warm, had our first rose appear – when we get a chance many more will have to be planted! Albury is absolutely stunning in the Spring time with roses everywhere.

Our favourite little Giraffe Ollie (he has earned the term because he has a really long front as is forever trying to be as tall as everyone else!) is now 2 and playing around in the long reins and learning the basics.

Shoutout to a really awesome business called A Bit Less. Totally not affiliated – just I think it’s a terrific idea, they have a range of 2nd but seemingly new range of bits. Awesome as I didn’t know what size Ollie would be and wanted to try a couple of mouthpieces without spending a ridiculous sum on tiny size bits. As it was he’s ended up with aย Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bradoon 10.5cm (4 1/8″).

Please ignore the bridle with straps everywhere, currently suffering the pain of a cheap leather bridle that no matter how much one oils and conditions the leather is horrid! I’ve left all the straps out of the keepers adjusts can be made without clonking the bit against his teeth. As the little guy is growing so much best to wait a little longer for a custom one.


Lucerne Trees & Ollie!

Lucerne trees and little Ollie have certainly been recent highlights!

Blessed to be in such a beautiful new area with so many gorgeous places only a short drive away. Thrilled to find Lucerne trees available at a nursery located near Yackandandah. Which just so happens to be a stunning place to visit! Not to mention lot of great cafes.

We’ve planted about 120 of them now, it will be interesting to see how they go over Winter.

Grace arrived safely and is happy in her new paddock. We are very excited for her foal, keeping everything crossed there. I forgot just how like Encore she really is. At least with a baby belly now we can tell them apart ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Little Ollie arrived last Thursday. One of those horses I’d seen online and LOVED since last last year. Hoping he matures small galloway or large pony. I would love him to be tall enough I can look “okay” on him in the show ring, even if that entails a bit of starvation on my part.

He was such an good little man travelling. I prefer to use Southern Cross as the horses come first. For a young weanling doing a fairly long trip he travelled brilliantly.

This week has been learning basics aka being caught in the paddock, rugs (poor wee thing has no hair…our 2/3deg nights meant rugs were a must!). In the space of a few days he is rather happy with life and quietly stood for a trim with the farrier today. Little champion of a pony – my pretend palomino!

(If you can’t tell already…I’m besotted!!!).

Purchasing pony rugs has been interesting as I’ve learnt how it’s hard to find decent ones are on the market in 4’9 and smaller. Talking super warm doona’s etc – don’t be surprised if I come up with my own range of pony rugs.

We met some more of the locals over the weekend, who have made a track along the road for about 3 mile which you can safely gallop along. Lots of our neighbours are into tent pegging so it’s not uncommon to see 1 go galloping past with a couple being ponied off the side. Or a gypsy cart with a couple of breakers tied to it. Good variety for Encore anyway – we went for a gallop today, startled a fox along the track ๐ŸฆŠ.

Enjoying life anyway โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿด.