Not entirely sure if we’ll do Garryowen but I’ve pulled out the gear and working out what needs doing. Aka any takers for boot polishing?? Started breaking in our 2nd turnout bridle, I ended up having a spare but since learnt it’s kind of a good idea in case it rains etc. between Garryowen/Esquire that or if something breaks. Yes I’m weird riding with 2 reins on the snaffle – need to have bridle broken in with double bits on, I tend to drop the curb rein when riding…so ensuring both are equal 🙂

My bestest ever tip and without a doubt most useful thing I’ve learnt this year is dispense with all forms of saddle and tack cleaner and use basic soap and hot water. Thanks to one very knowledged up horseman for that. If you’ve seen my saddles in pics the last few months, you’ll notice the difference – has totally removed all the built up grime that gets caught under your leg etc.


Dapples…just because ❤

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