Florida and It’s Dressage Queens

Lovers of fine literature – leave now. Although you probably have due to my sometimes poor spelling and somewhat enduring writing style.

The Dressage Chronicles is one of my favourite books, total escapism and has been read cover to cover (cough on the kindle!) but all the same I love it. The people I can picture absolutely, from Emma and Lizzy right through to the talented trainer and money laden owners. If you havent read it, your missing out.

THe whole idea of going of a massive group of horses and their people shifting across the country to different “barns” (love that word…I want a barn of my own one day) is so foreign, not to mention the whole idea of people training together. Whilst Australia is fantastic for horses due to the great open spaces the majority of us train and prep horses alone. I do wish at times to be in the barn environment and just have people to enjoy horses with or bounce ideas off, another pair of eyes when your riding for the odd comment is always helpful.

After doing a bit of a google search about the book, I read the Chronicle Forums thread, whilst the whole idea is so surreal it does happen! If I could have any other job, I think I would take my two ponies (who would make cracker $6k month hunters over there!) and be a professional groom.

I came across the blog of Lauren Sprieser, ERMAGHERD! She *is* going to Florida for the summer….so naturally I stalked the page and read every post she has ever written. Amazing…not only does she seem like one talented and very hard working decent trainer she has a great sense of humour and posts often.

As if, just to prove the book is so real….the Dressage Under the Stars event and check out this rider’s freestyle. Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen


There are some more great ones linked down the side, Im sure you have all already seen Bert Jensen’s ride “I’m Sexy and I Know It”

I will leave you with this a link to this blog post I read today, take me there….I’ll bring show ponies to the US.

“Want to go grocery shopping in your boots and breeches? No problem. Half of the patrons at the Safeway will be doing the same, and you’ll get no funny looks. Want to eat lunch at a table next to Joe Fargis? Sure, just wander the 6 miles or so down to Hunter’s Head in Upperville and take a seat. Want to use one of the best farriers in the country or one of the best veterinary clinics in the country? Yep, that’s no problem either. (Though you should, of course, expect to pay for the privilege.)”