Canberra Bound…

Early start and onto Canberra we went, always nice to get through Sydney before peak hour.


Dropped our two beloved dogs off at the kennels nearby for the week, they settled in very well. Onwards we went to Bump In around 10am. So much easier since RCNAS opened EPIC up from early morning onwards. Previously it was a 12pm which was both difficult to coordinate arrival times (as I find they travel so much better early morning/late evening) and you would get such a lineup it would back up, out of EPIC and onto the highway (cattle people share the same gate).


Super quick and easy Bump In! Woohoo for stable numbers being written on our camping stickers!! Beats the trek down to the office while two horses wait rather impatiently.






Australia Day!

I had a long Australia day, had a lovely day of judging in the Hunter Valley – super fantastic committee who run such a great show! (and the most gorgeous lunch!). Got the Supreme Ribbon on just as the first down pour really set in, so luckily not to many people got wet!

Bit of a wild drive back in torrential rain – one thing I did notice with the new car and found it quite cool (must be the different aerodynamics) is that the rain goes upwards when it hits the windscreen!

My one and only comment is DON’T put your ticket in your mouth people, in your glove!!