And the rain followed us to BP.


Of course it had to rain…one would have thought seeing home 1500km away was literally under water (and I mean literally – check the pics below out!) we would have enjoyed dry sunny days in Victoria. Nope, not going to happening. I spotted the above clouds when heading over in the morning…it decided to rain for most of the day.

Now enjoying the lifestyle, we skipped breakfast and headed over to clean stables and then work horses. It is such a great training environment, so quiet and relaxed for the horses. Even though it was a wet and windy day the indoor was gorgeous to ride in. So lovely being somewhere with the facilities so you never have to worry about riding in bad weather.



The nicest thing was not being hurried to work horses and have somewhere else to be, it getting dark or things to do. Time goes pretty quickly and before you realise its lunchtime. I find it myself at big shows, but I can see why people who work with horses are often so slender, you dont get a chance to stop & eat!


Of course being on holidays, we did. Went out planning to find a nice cafe for lunch, instead we came across a great little deli and headed back…Still raining and bad weather I opted to read the Horsedeals just out.


Headed over to play ponies later and found E flat out on the ground, I didnt feel so guilty. I must say all the agistees were so welcoming and tolerant with us. My boys in particular were literally the smallest in the stables.