The year that was – Twenty Thirteen.

So what a year that was! I am rather glad I started and kept us with this blog because it was a fairly interesting year, devastating and exceedingly brilliant all in one. One of the more poignant ones with many moments I will remember for a lifetime.

Starting the Year I didn’t really post any goals or achievements I wished to work towards. I think this post certainly lives up to its name. I would certainly never dreamt this time last year I would be in the position I am now, with the opportunities I have been given. Truly grateful to Ladies (and Gents) of the Aussie Dressage world for being so extremely generous with their time, knowledge and horses.

So here is my semi defining list of moments for 2013

1. Canberra Royal – I should really thank the giver of the biggest backhanded compliment I’ll probably ever receive. Opened my eyes up 🙂









2. Boneo Park – The gorgeous facilities but more importantly meeting a wonderful new friend, getting a ride on a gorgeous WB.


3. Miss S arriving. Everybody involved was so incredibly nice and went out of their way!


4. Lost my Louis dog, so suddenly. Forever Loved. I clipped our little Lochie today and shed a few tears in that familiar face looking back at me.


5. I did finish my exams, admittedly the months leading up to my final exam around June was a very hard slog. Thankfully passed my final unit and got the results back the day after I paid the deposit on S.

So a year of ups and downs. Hello 2014.



Beach Ponies!

Beach Ponies!

Having grown up “seaside” I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the beach at all – don’t like the sand all the much. I know this sounds slightly absurd :). I look forward to the day of getting a fibre based arena surface so u don’t have to hose of wet sandy boots – yuk!


I do however enjoy taking the horses, mainly as you have complete freedom in such a open space, with very good footing. Short of a racetrack there is little other space like this us mere mortals can have a good hoon at. The water is always great for their legs and riding through water, even though it’s mega splashy the horses love it…and so do I!

I try and go once a week before our show season kicks in, good exercise to gallop and do some work on the sand.
E’s favourite thing is to sink & drink. He lets himself sink up to about his knees, has sips of the ocean…waits for a wave then jumps up & does it over again. I imagine for him the sinking is quite a unusual feeling!

Seeing as how the lighting was good, I hoped off to take a few pics as E played. He is such a people horse he stays close by, combined with having a basic knowledge of being ground tied…he wasn’t going anywhere quickly!


Beach attire wise – I use a leather bridle as PVC rubs precious pony. Cheap girth with nickel buckles that gets hosed (no point getting a decent one as they get sandy/salty and it ruins the elastic). All other work gear as normal – saddle gets cleaned & stirrups washed…and a helmet!

I tend to ride in shorts as you end up getting splashed and pulling wet Joddies off is no fun. That said you get some nice rub marks from the stirrup leathers and slightly odd marks on your legs where you grip.



Even if the beach is a decent float ride for you, take your horse at least once during the summer. You will wish you did it sooner!

Apologies If this appears either spell checked using US language/random spelling/skewiff – blame the iPhone!