The year that was – Twenty Thirteen.

So what a year that was! I am rather glad I started and kept us with this blog because it was a fairly interesting year, devastating and exceedingly brilliant all in one. One of the more poignant ones with many moments I will remember for a lifetime.

Starting the Year I didn’t really post any goals or achievements I wished to work towards. I think this post certainly lives up to its name. I would certainly never dreamt this time last year I would be in the position I am now, with the opportunities I have been given. Truly grateful to Ladies (and Gents) of the Aussie Dressage world for being so extremely generous with their time, knowledge and horses.

So here is my semi defining list of moments for 2013

1. Canberra Royal – I should really thank the giver of the biggest backhanded compliment I’ll probably ever receive. Opened my eyes up 🙂









2. Boneo Park – The gorgeous facilities but more importantly meeting a wonderful new friend, getting a ride on a gorgeous WB.


3. Miss S arriving. Everybody involved was so incredibly nice and went out of their way!


4. Lost my Louis dog, so suddenly. Forever Loved. I clipped our little Lochie today and shed a few tears in that familiar face looking back at me.


5. I did finish my exams, admittedly the months leading up to my final exam around June was a very hard slog. Thankfully passed my final unit and got the results back the day after I paid the deposit on S.

So a year of ups and downs. Hello 2014.



Day 6 – Jester’s Turn!

Perhaps not the best weather, slightly drizzling in the morning and rather cold so I kept J in his stable, quick lunge before the class to warm him up and off we went to marshalling. J did a stellar job, got the gate – that’s show horses. He left in exceedingly good company, and perhaps my pick of 1st – 6th was rather upside down compared to the placings. If we all liked the same it would be a boring thing, I guess seeing what is in our class so often I do have favourites though I love a few of them like my own, would most gladly take them home. (LOL so I’m fairly biased). I guess slightly disappointing as the judge loved one-handed work & J is very well-practiced at that (perhaps due to me having a rather dodgy right hand anyway!). The best thing though was coming out, we had a lovely chat to another show hunter competitor who I respect greatly who gave the nod for E to perhaps become a hunter when he expands with age.

Onto our side saddle classes! Same judge, so she went in looking a little different to normal LOL the things a small amount of white makeup & white browband can do!!! Again a little disappointing as in the workouts relayed to us by the steward a few things got lost in translation. Not to worry – J was a star & we were 2nd in the rider & 3rd in the Galloway. Looking forward to next year 🙂

Grand Parade time – J stayed in the stable as I cannot ride two & E is so cruisey. Nothing spectacular or exciting happened thankfully, got around reasonably safely


Later in the evening, it was time for the side-saddle challenge. I checked and we were allowed to go in with a martingale & had J bandaged up. He was the most fired up he has ever been in his life! Massive crowd in the stands was cheering & clapping…with the guy on the mic getting everyone going. J was pawing & spinning and rather wanting out! Thankfully I know him rather well so I convinced him standing(ish) would be a good idea. The general idea was to go around a few cones as fast as you could, over a jump of a decent height OR skip it for a 5 sec. penalty then fast back to eat a cupcake and drink a cup of tea. Two would go at a time, on courses next to one another. Or at least that what I could ascertain as it was incredibly noisy & J wanted to stand head on to everyone not what we were doing…love him!

J did a stellar job of going fast, I just hung on LOL stopped midway as the girl also going went over the jump….I think both J & I just stopped in awe!!! Galloped back, pulled up…ate the cupcake, struggled with the tea.

J got 2nd LOL no idea how with the time penalty!! Guess his fast is fast! Absolutely well done to the winner, she was incredibly brave jumping! Lovely prize from Adore Tea who sponsored the event.

Back to the stables to untack and help J get over his mini heart attack. A rather long fireworks display to end the night!


Canberra Day 3 – Novice Day!

Novice day!! Potentially exciting as we try to crack the Novice, potentially not knowing it’s always a huge class of quality and succesful horses. Looking at the catalogue E was potentially in with a chance of a place, which doesn’t really help as then I know it’s really got to go to plan! Catalogue was closed Tuesday night and Show Mum told not to read it aloud!!

E had a short ride out on the main arena at 6am, short was it was freezing!!! Thankyou to my gorgeous friend who gave me a woolen quarter sheet, I think without it E would have refused to move. He worked well and felt great, not worrying about big screens, wayward ponies, flower pots or the towering plywood 100 for the Centenary of Canberra.

Wash time and then some plaits, I left the plaiting til the morning as I had plenty of time. Falsie in, legs done, saddle on, quartermarks on, tail brushed & chopped, bridle on then makeup. Show Mum approves of browband & holds horse whilst I get into more proper attire! Least having the speedway to walk on means that boots don’t get dirty, beats walking through mud. A few final touches and more clear makeup and E is ready to go.

Into marshalling, the warmup area is filled with huge woodchips which I’m a bit dubious about trotting on so do two naughty quick trots in the laneways and walk around…catch up on some interesting gossip and off we go!

E works super on the ring and gets a call, again makes the final cut to line up in 4th from memory. I restrain myself not to do 1 million circles out the back before he works, which generally annoys the crap out of him…instead a quick trot/canter then halt and wait with the steward. One or two before him have a bit of stage fright at various flower pots and blades of grass. There is a bit of an impending curse as it becomes E’s turn…will he continue the naughty horse chain or cut it? He works well and I’m happy with him, no lengthens – from memory workout was trot out, half circle either way and canter back to judge trot/walk/halt. Go E!

Some judges like to lineup you up in placings as they go along, which does generally annoy me because if you are called in as part of the 2nd heat it is very hard to work up the line, even though which heat you are in is just numbers (well depending on how you juggle it going out….first heat is the best, but sometimes they work from a different end or one heat is all quality and the other maybe a tad easier). I digress, this judge intelligently remembers what he likes, gets everyone to walk on a circle and moves horses around from here over to lineup in placings….and E is called in 2nd! Go E! Red ribbon, didn’t crack the Novice…but the horse that did was a very quality type and deserved it so very happy to be in 2nd!



Rest of the day, E gets carrots and some licorice for being a good horse. J’s turn to be worked, we have a bit of a practice sidesaddle but he needs a bit more work to settle..

Swap a few bits of bridle around, get the led outfit ready for tommorow….8am led class…joy!