Home is where the horses are.

There is ever an particularly ideal time to “start” blogging again however the last couple of months have been a mix of chaotic, amazing and devastating.

To paraphrase very (very!!) briefly boxes ticked including moving house, a business and somehow place this around the major shows keeping Encore in work. I’m still not quite sure how what needed to be accomplished happened.


Encore frightened us all when he became drastically sick one afternoon in early January. Long story short he is alive, having spent a couple of days on a drip in pony hospital. The slightly shaved patch on his neck where the cannula was hasn’t proved too much of a disadvantage thus far.

We did start him at ENSW Hoty, allbeit he had lost a lot of weight and wasn’t quite so bright. The outing did him well as he picked up a little, appetite grew and scored well enough to be in the placings.

Birthday surprise Bunny…Flopsy

2nd time I’ve blown a Tyre going to Battle of the borders. Least changing takes about 8 minutes. Makes travelling with a spare spare worthwhile?!

Battle of the borders at Albury was fun, as we collected our house keys and enjoyed the weekend. Fairly sure we did half the wrong workout in our hunter class, one of those horse goes so well and your enjoying riding them you just pat lots and canter out. New hunter jacket was also a highlight.

Canberra Royal was fun. Really windy and we cut our time being there from a week to just a few days to maximise good grass time for E. Glad we left early aka before it flooded.

Grand Nationals was successful from the perspective as a sponsor, it was great to hear feedback on products and talk to customers. One would hope people are appreciate of the effort all sponsors put in – the cash donations made for the Grand Champions prizes really were huge and well done to those people for supporting the industry.

We had our own success at Grand Nationals with Encore. Finally! You see it’s been quite a few years of random misfortunes, judges rushing through the class so as not to miss flights or massive storm coming though and scaring the life out of E that he has never been selected.

This has always been a bit of a sore point because we know beyond any doubt the judge will love riding him. Encore really is the most fun and honest horse to ride. 100% good pony which is why we don’t mind all his other quirks.

So after 8 years in the ring, he gets his chance. Albeit a bit of an error in numbers being recorded we finally had our chance. (For the record – least the live-streaming shows the wrong numbers being called out!). Admittedly due to the fact of having really bad hearing and not being able to discern what was said, it was only outside did I understand he wasn’t just sashed owner rider but also Res champ. Well done E – best pony (after J). We’d been practicing our gallops for weeks, including warming up with a gallop up the paths so I think J would have been proud of us. All of this said, I really am just thrilled to be riding Encore and have him alive.

Sydney Royal was lots of fun there, I’m a fan of the food in the stables. It’s totally worthwhile to qualify horses and attend just to eat the meatballs & chips. Encore worked very well in his open class getting a bow – admittedly I get a bit lost with ribbons colours/placing after 1/2/3. Popular opinion would seem nobody wants a poo Brown ribbon and the pink or purple ones are the most popular. Meatballs and the ability to shop at Wagners 10 times a day is awesome.

Encore’s mare friend and companion Meeka. One very sweet older Black mare. She has come from an eventing home and is very gentle and easy to handle. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such a pretty paddock friend for E.

Cue a few weeks with all the fun of setting up a new horse property. Safe stables and fences done we had the girls booked on transport.

As we had some of the larger events, along with moving it was arranged Scarlett would have 6wks off and stay to be companion for Grace. Grace being a few months in foal, we’d planned things to be as low stress as possible for her. The girls always got along well together.

Which considering the timing makes it all the more devastating when Scarlett had a horrific paddock accident. Poor Scarlett – we are all absolutely heartbroken. As a dear friend said, the are such big but fragile creatures.

So with that in mind, it’s so exciting to have Grace arriving home and yet rather tragic as Scarlett will not be led off with her.

What will be nice is to have all the horses together again, home is where the horses are.

Mission Garryowen complete.

In what has been the most monumental effort since we the idea was sorted of floated end of February…mission Garryowen is complete. Lots of fun but lots and lots of work!

Acquiring the gear, cleaning the gear, making sure everything fits or will fit ie 5 girths later and then cleaning everything again I’ll be quite happy to not clean tack for the next month or so. Apart from the fact everything needs to be cleaned before it goes into storage.

Scarlett whilst still paddock dwelling is coming back into work. I just didn’t have the time over Winter.

New boots – Cavallo Primus Pro

Firstly, yes slight redesign and update. I had this logo designed late last year for me, I absolutely love it!

Super excited to unbox a pair of the Cavallo Primus Pro today. Thankyou past self for ordering these at Canberra Royal!

I prefer to order through Wagners, as then I know with Caroline measuring they will fit perfectly.  I am of course a fan of the Cognac colour, once they darker a little (as all good brown leathers do with time!) they will be superb.

Hey 2017

17 days in seems timely enough however.

I feel it remiss of me to not firstly mention Ooteman are having a massive sale on all the things. This said, I have all the things so don’t yet need to order! Life goals I’m not sure but we are currently okay gear wise which is nice.

It’s also kind of interesting that pretty much all of the Anky colours are on sale – I totally admit I got bored once they started repeating colours rather than doing new patterns and designs. Which looking at the new range that has just come out – yawn.

We still miss J, I can’t believe it was May last year – seems like only yesterday. In a comment that horse people will understand, the grass where the paraffin bucket was dumped is nearly grown over but not quite. His stable empty and E feeling like he needs to be the stallion of the place.

E is being awesome of course, hopefully we will start Inter 1 this year. He is more than capable of it  – we are really looking forward to being able to compete in the snaffle bridle as well as it just suits him better. It’s still funny score wise as the judges don’t know what to do with him, some love him and some hate him and we consistently get 3’s and 8’s for the same movements. That said one of the judges who isn’t really appreciative of him handed out a 8 for his extended walk and we were like wait what..!

That is where I like Dressage though in that we can turn up, ride and go home without worrying about scores or placings. It’s the best! Particularly as there is much less effort required.

I’m amused now that Scarlett is ready to start I much prefer riding her in the double bridle! She does go far better and is generally a much (much!) happier horse and as relayed to me by quite a few people, some horses are just built for a double. (And that in itself is funny as with the other horse I’m all yay about FEI in a snaffle!). So I daresay we will do limited newcomer classes and just drop the weymouth off beforehand.

Dressage wise it causes a few issues as whilst she is happily training Medium (and other tricks) it is a little too much pressure to start her out at Medium, pressure for her not me! So prep it is. Hopefully by years end she will be Medium/Adv. She is training all the things and has good horse knowledge on what is what – it’s more so just getting control which is a continual process. I admit I find the Prelim/Novice bloody boring and not challenging what so ever – we can walk/trot/canter and ride lengthened paces in the show ring.

I’m sure people will read what I’ve typed and pick it apart but meh! I’m really happy with how Scarlett is going, it’s been a long what 3/4yrs? I think some methods suit her and some certainly don’t – we will just continue to to take advice from all areas and run with what works. One of the most important things to continually improve and move forwards is that you try new concepts, if you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got. Which is why some people seem to hit proverbial brick walls and their horses always go the same way.

She will probably be a wild beast and cause carnage in the show ring – she is so not a show horse but it will be excellent acclimatization for her! She can gallop no problems, it’s more the stopping that is an issue – as in she is quite quick of the seat to stop!! That and I’m sure many show horse people seem to think Warmbloods are all massive hyper extended trots – which some are – but personally I would rather a horse that doesn’t consistently do late flying changes and one that has decent legs in years to come!

Hufglocken is steadily growing, it has outgrown my grasp. I can’t tell you how amusing it is to be at Dressage competitions and have people tell me that I should go an purchase Huf gear for XYZ reasons. It’s fun to be able to do lots of different designs and nice it’s being well recognized. Lots of time of course has been poured into it!

Obviously I’m a KEP fan, so was super excited to be able to take on distribution rights there. Currently in the process of setting up new site (EOH) to do KEP, Mattes etc. so H can just be Huf stuff. Easier ordering wise, particularly with the custom orders that take weeks on end.

Life is fine with just the two horses at the moment although my friends happily put up with me wanting a palomino pony or a new open galloway from one week to the next! Still wouldn’t mind a really nice open type. Scarlett will have a year or so in the show ring but she is very very much a dressage horse and I don’t want to smash her legs around on shitty ag show surfaces – what’s the point?!

Looking forward to our County saddles soon! Should be here early Feb and I’m sure it will really help both of them and myself.

I did switch all my Sprenger spurs over to the extra grip ones – which are the best because they don’t move!! An issue I was having with the plain metal ones.

Encore has a new DQ double bridle and Scarlett’s m2m one is coming soon hopefully! Still waiting on her dressage double but that should also be soon. So not really accumulating more, just switching to higher quality. In E’s show bridle case I just wanted a slightly wider noseband and so we had a 3rd bridle to put a browband on for rider classes – because I am not a fan of taking bridles apart!

White hamag numbers for S, new false tails (Tails by Jocelyn still being my favourite). I’ve reduced jacket wardrobe down to just my favourites – which no surprises is still Pretty Ponies, Wagners, Animo and then the Show Stoppers one in the slightly luminous brown tweed.

Still wanting red patent top boots though.

It will be interesting to see what this year brings, lots of things happening and I continually seem to add more. Game on bitches.


Winter 16 AOS etc

Twas good. Plenty of horses PI but I think this was more due to people knowing exactly which horses they wanted and on some lots only one person really chasing it..which is never going to bring the bid up to meet the reserve. Pretty easy to tell they would be sold afterwards. I had a quick look and did laugh when the horses I liked on the flesh were both pretty much identical on paper.

The whole Road to Rio Ball#twohearts (<get used to it…I’ve been told by several sources that specific hashtag will be used to quantify Equestrian sports by IOC) was terrific. Anyone attending would totally agree the band absolutely nailed it – amazing atmosphere. Wasn’t the bidding for the Sue Hearn training package simply fantastic?!

My shopping consisted of hoof black (the good stuff), cover cream and brown Raven oil. So not overly exciting. Repeats to self I do not need another horse.