2023 so far is a delicate balance of horses + work that said E has been enjoying some relaxed rides weekly. It’s been a long rehab process and it’s only in the last couple of months he truly feels himself again both riding and generally in the paddock. He is looking amazing covered in dapples and has us all well trained to deliver him some hay whenever he neighs.

Lucy had a bit of a rough time with splints 2021 after whacking her leg quite heavily on a gate, it was about the same time E was unwell so we had xrayed etc. which showed it was a decent crack so we didn’t rush into breaking her in or going under saddle. It’s looking pretty good now and she can slowly come into work which is exciting. She is such a placid chilled creature, I am forever thankful to her for being the easiest foal to youngster as she is so patient and fits in around everything. I finally decided on a “show name” for her, now to register it 🤭

Kai and Grace are living their best life although did need to share their paddock recently with Ada for a short period. Total high school mean girls so Ada is now happily on her own. She is also coming along nicely and popped into the stables during one of the storms, she is nearly as big as E already!

As for the golden child Ollie, he has had a really rough time. In the first few months of 2022 he had a nasty sinus infection/cough, almost like a pony covid which went to his lungs. Finally in Autumn he recovered well enough to begin like work. Not entirely sure how it happened but a nasty paddock fall saw him really sore in the pelvic area, nothing broken but lots of exercises/stretches. Late Winter saw him back into light work and was finally looking amazing only to become drastically ill late September/October. I know in the equine industry nobody shares a lot of the bad things that happen for fear of judgement or whatever else however I know our management is 100% and there isn’t more that could be done. I think that’s why I’m perhaps quite happy to share this because sometimes with horses things just happen that no amount of foresight or resources could prevent. I’ll do a part 2 on this one but if anyone is actually reading, Ollie is okay now just a long recovery and it’s a virus that nobody is 100% certain on how to treat.

I am getting better at tiktok too 😊 https://www.tiktok.com/@annalisaph

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