New boots – Cavallo Primus Pro

Firstly, yes slight redesign and update. I had this logo designed late last year for me, I absolutely love it!

Super excited to unbox a pair of the Cavallo Primus Pro today. Thankyou past self for ordering these at Canberra Royal!

I prefer to order through Wagners, as then I know with Caroline measuring they will fit perfectly.  I am of course a fan of the Cognac colour, once they darker a little (as all good brown leathers do with time!) they will be superb.

3 thoughts on “New boots – Cavallo Primus Pro

  1. Love these! Just interested as I have a pair of Petrie same style but in navy and is that panel on the inside of yours just a regular black leather? Thats a good idea as the colour wears off the inside. Can’t wait to see these in action, look devine!

  2. Have to say I love this style because I can easily readjust the laces for doughnut room lol, why did I not realise this before! The inside is actual quite clever, it’s a thicker calf leather…similar feel to that of what is usually on the saddle knee rolls? I think it will wear quite well.

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