Winter 16 AOS etc

Twas good. Plenty of horses PI but I think this was more due to people knowing exactly which horses they wanted and on some lots only one person really chasing it..which is never going to bring the bid up to meet the reserve. Pretty easy to tell they would be sold afterwards. I had a quick look and did laugh when the horses I liked on the flesh were both pretty much identical on paper.

The whole Road to Rio Ball#twohearts (<get used to it…I’ve been told by several sources that specific hashtag will be used to quantify Equestrian sports by IOC) was terrific. Anyone attending would totally agree the band absolutely nailed it – amazing atmosphere. Wasn’t the bidding for the Sue Hearn training package simply fantastic?!

My shopping consisted of hoof black (the good stuff), cover cream and brown Raven oil. So not overly exciting. Repeats to self I do not need another horse.

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