NSW Country Hack Champs

AELEC is an awesome venue, a little like the bogan country sister of SIEC. I almost like it better because there is somewhere to warm up undercover, washbays are closer, camping relatively close and on tarmac (horse events always = rain). We were able to use just about whatever arena we wanted and I even ventured into the huge back paddock of the place that has the X-Country courses.

Food venues nearby and plenty of motels close as well unlike SIEC. At Tamworth I wasn’t particularly a fan of the food onsite however good work stocking Powerade etc. I think re catering SIEC is awesome with that one, or at least I’ve always been lucky to score really nice salads. AELEC office super helpful as well, for when your like me and decide to leave a day earlier…and want stabling an extra night. You can also order feed to be delivered to your stable pretty easily – unlike SIEC, but SIEC you can  control the lights. So both are equally awesome really.

E traveled well, I opted for the longer-flatter route so we left at 10.30am and arrive about 4pm with one stop..not to bad! Iceboots, a walk and dinner. Socialising keeps one sane. Massive storm came through late Friday night which I think meant quite a few horses/people were lacking sleep!

Encore and I had a ride around the indoor in the early morning, nothing scary so all good there. We headed out to walk around the arena’s but they were so wet back inside we went. Huge classes – 50 something in the Large Ponies.

Strapped for my favourite pony. Went to get a shirt..came back with a jacket/outfit – I was very worried my Pretty Ponies ones from the UK wouldn’t arrive in time.

Just when we were about to go for a ride…massive storm. Totally ridiculous. Felt for anyone trying to warm up/head to their class! Thankfully it passed and we went for a wander 🙂 Awesome chinese for dinner!

Sunday in the rider class early on…but huge classes I thought it mght take a while. It did. He was awesome if not a little wild for the rider class – which sorted itself via him flooding a small area – I did offer the opportunity before hand..but horses.

Then next up was friend’s Small SH Galloway. I have never been soo nervous watching and strapping before! She did awesome and we were on edge to here the results! Flowers! SO awesome :).

Commence anxious wait for our class, which was the last. It’s no secret he is prone to tying up and warming up in the dark/cold wasn’t the best! Anyway good result. Thankfully. Trip worthwhile, Horse gets what I think he deserves finally.



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