No pain, No gain (or a qualification)

Well that’s one way to get back on the horse. Three days of showing. Anzac Day being breeds day at our local show and then back there for hack classes before a Hunter Valley show today.

Mildly appalled most people on Friday were riding without a poppy or rosemary in the very least.

Our local show is pretty dodgy in my opinion – minimal parking, uphill downhill to ride on and the sideshow rides being horrendously noisy. As it was both days we prepped Encore on the road parked a block away and walked in. Got the performances we wanted so happy there 🙂 Won a lovely flag rug donated by a local embroidery business.


Hunter Valley show today and it poured with rain just after we left. The show committee are wonderful and bright so it was such a lovely show to attend. I’ve judged here before and thought the same 🙂 E was very on the ball in the rain and won a pretty amazing red woolen rug. Donated by Rugrack


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