Quiet Times

Well, I must say that wasn’t exactly the Canberra Royal we had planned….nor the lead up to Grand Nationals and Sydney Royal! Really disappointing there because Encore was looking and working the best he has yet. Guess there is always next year, if we are lucky enough to qualify. And of course very sad not to be riding my favourite big horse at GN’s!

A head/brain injury and a broken toe – For a smaller body part, I did a good job and obliterated my big toe/ball of my foot which one does need for walking, not to mention riding. At the moment my short term memory is hilariously bad. I forgot to put chaff in the feeds the other day. Things could be much worse, I hope the lovely Silva Martin can be back in the saddle in the future, even the smallest of trips can have the biggest consequences.

Anyway, I determined to try and make use of all this new found time somehow!! 🙂

One thought on “Quiet Times

  1. I have been wondering about you. . .I’m glad you’re writing again. Sorry to hear about the head/brain injury and broken toe. Are you in a cast? For your toe/foot, not your brain. 🙂 Take it easy and you sound wise–trying to make the most of some down time. Keep us all posted in regards to your progress/recuperation.

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